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The Newark Portal was placed in both Lincoln Park and Military for the pilot phase of the project (May - June 2016).  Between the two sites the Newark Portal hosted 72 criminal justice dialogues.


Historic Lincoln Park is a neighborhood transition. New apartment and condominiums, renovated loft buildings, and new commercial businesses are being constructed while adjacent deteriorated properties, abandoned buildings, and vacant lots need attention. The physical conditions of the properties reflect glaring economic disparities. The mostly Black and low‐income residents served by the many social service and philanthropic agencies in the neighborhood are today joined by a growing number of affluent professionals and a burgeoning artist community.  


As the most significant historic park in downtown Newark, the six-acre Military Park serves as the primary gathering space for surrounding residents, businesses, and visitors. Following several years of decline, Military Park was renovated and reopened in 2014. The park now offers free programming and amenities, including movies, yoga, children’s activities, chess and other board games.

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